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However, this situation always brings changes the aspects, either from positive to critical or, vice versa, from critical to positive. Here is the overview of the positions of Saturn:. Saturn in Capricorn also forms a quincunx aspect for Gemini that indicates a reorientation. If anything changed in your life now, this would be the best time to get started.

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Standing in Aquarius, Saturn will form a beneficial trine, which will have a stabilizing effect on the relationships of Gemini. A trine with Saturn indicates happiness and prolonged success, but this requires discipline, creativity, and perseverance.

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  • More detailed explanations will be found in the monthly horoscopes of Gemini. The most energetic time for Mars will be from the beginning of April to May 12th Trigon , and from June 28th to the end of the year Sextile. Such an unusually long time, which should definitely be exploited. Impetuous times can occur from the 3rd. From January to February 15th opposition , it will be therefore recommended to behave and not be too aggressive.

    You should also pay attention to your health and expenses.

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    The best times for Mercury are displayed from May 11th to May 28th Mercury in your own Zodiac sign , which may last only a short time but can be very intense. The second and third best as well as the critical times, can be read in the monthly horoscopes. But more precious moments will be available as well for Gemini. Yearly Horoscope.

    How will the year evolve for the 12 zodiac signs from the astrological point of view? Read everything about love, work, and health — all essential astrological data.

    The Year of the Moon. Each astrologically new year is always under the auspices of a part Annual Horoscope Aries.

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    Arieses will have to overcome so many challenges in From Jupi Annual Horoscope Taurus. Tauruses are looking forward to a positive Jupiter in ; much wi Annual Horoscope Gemini. For Gemini, a reorientation is planned for Although Jupiter i Annual horoscope Cancer.

    The moon will stand in the Zodiac sign Cancer so that the lunar yea Annual Horoscope Leo. The optimistic Leos master the difficulties of the lunar year with Annual Horoscope Virgo. The year will be positive for Virgo.

    Gemini's horoscope for December 2020

    Fortunately, the north node enters your sign on the same day, making a powerful year for personal growth. The first, in Sagittarius on June 5, highlights marriage and other partnerships, as well as the tendency to project your stuff onto others. The second, in Capricorn on July 4, tackles spicier topics like sex, money, and power dynamics. Both eclipses offer the potential for deep healing and release in these areas. This aspect digs up hidden treasures, but also some deep, dark secrets you might prefer to keep underground.

    Year of Still living the dream, Gemini? Since , Neptune in Pisces has been casting his spell over your career house. But with Jupiter in Capricorn sextile Neptune this year February 20, July 27, and October 12 , the rosy glow is starting to wear off and the reality of actually doing the work, day in and day out, is testing your endurance. In the long run, though, this may only make you love it more. But with two new moons and two full moons in Cancer this year, finances are front and center. Work with the energies of the new moons especially the solar eclipse on June 20 to invite abundance.

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