January 1 moon astrology

A strong sense of justice prevails at all levels, political, social and personal. This is the ideal time to make positive changes. This change will not be upsetting or erratic as it sometimes can. You will remain calm and patient, planning every step methodically. This is another good aspect for cooperation and compromise. Importantly, this is a transition phase. Robson, , p.

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The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, , p. This squares my natal moon and trines my natal Uranus… is squaring my natal moon bad??

Full Moon Meaning

Last new moon was opposite my natal Venus.. This full moon like opposite to my natal mars 2nd house.. I m gonna fight fight fight fight.. There was a full moon in December in Gemini 22 degrees. How will this new full moon differ from the last one? It looks potentially more difficult? Hi Jamie, This full moon looks complicated by itself so just the thought of having natal Venus at 3 degrees makes me shiver as it will also add to the equation my MC which is conjunct transiting uranus and my IC which will also conjunct jupiter and the worst Pluto transiting will be in opposition although it Would still making a trine to natal jupiter and juno ….

I am really tired of these stressful transits…. Or should I still be optimist and trust that Saturn conjunct vertex and making a trine to MC and north node would bring some happiness to my life? Fear is not even a real emotion, it is a chemical reaction causiing sensation of the survival instinct, no power, doesnt come from the power or its love, no power, no energy generated, we may think there is power in money, status, numbers. This is another very interesting article and I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on this configuration. Please do keep up the good work. One thing you may have missed is that Lilith is also at 23 Aquarius and completes a Yod also.

It is extraordinary that the softening pair to the Grand Cross are Lilith and Saturn. They can hardly be thought of as traditional peacemakers in astrology terms. Simultaneously, they act the tensioners to the Yod and therefore have a foot in both camps. I think this gives a flavour of the sort of complexity and cross-purposes to be negotiated in any deal to be done. Hi Kristian. Thanks for pointing out LIlith in the chart.

I always cast a chart with her and Chiron and some other asteroids but in this case there was already so much to talk about with the grand cross. This full moon will hit a bit of my chart, transit sun on my saturn less than 1o orb and transit saturn on my mercury 2o orb. So far this sounds like good timing Marco.

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  5. Very appropriate. I would also be looking to any aspects to natal Sun and Saturn. I thought that this would be the ideal time as Jupiter is on my 9th house, so since November I started hurrying up and doing work that could be useful for a good portfolio, I even travelled on my solar return to align Jupiter with the AC.

    After all this time having heavy experiences specially with my health it could do me some good getting out of all the negativity. What about if this moon is square my moon and trine my Uranus. I want to move so badly will this bring this outcome? This is a difficult one to work out Is. The square to your Moon would cause some emotional upsets when moving, but then moving is like that anyway. Uranus does help a lot.

    I would also look to aspects from the September eclipses as this is a big issue and probably been on your mind for some time.

    Astrology of January 12222 – A New Beginning

    It has been on my mind for months now. Transit merc is exactly sextile my sun. As is transit uranus and transit Saturn. Tr Jupiter is trine my sun. Hopefully it works out. Also transit Jupiter is conjunct my natal moon. What rules grad school? Merc or Jupiter.

    Great, thank you. Hi Jamie ,the great… Plz write something about my professional as well as personal life through this full moon I m scorpion born on 3rd November at pm. Thanks for breaking down the various aspects of a very complex Full Moon!

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    This lunation hits me particularly hard: precisely conjunct my progressed Moon in Cancer to the minute in my natal 10th house. It seems to be all about career. He only ever interacts with me in a negative way and tends to scapegoat me for everything—despite very positive feedback from everywhere else—and I tend to rebel against his strictures.

    Full Moon New Years Day January 1st, 2018 - True Sidereal Astrology

    In the past, our individual attempts at intervention have only widened the gap. This transiting Moon is sextile to both my natal Moon very tight at just 0. Transiting Saturn is also sextile my natal Moon. I am facing a lot of emotional turmoil this entire month — difficult mood swings along with fear and some rage Pluto square Mars and cannot understand why this is happening with all the easy angles being made to my natal moon not sure if conjunction with Neptune is messing things up though.

    I figured the easier sextiles to my Natal Moon would mean I would find it easier to handle my emotions this month. The harmonious last aspects are marked by an H and the challenging ones are marked by a C. Conjunctions are not marked as either harmonious or challenging because they depend on the nature of the planet involved — they can be neutral, harmonious, or challenging.

    Generally, then, we will be looking to start projects during a period that ends with an H or when the last aspect is a conjunction to Venus or Jupiter. The period from July 20, , at PM [when the Moon enters a new sign, in this case, Leo], to July 21, , at PM [when the Moon forms its last major aspect before leaving the sign of Leo] would be considered a flowing period for beginning new projects. There are other considerations for electing good times to start things, but this is a fine way to do some narrowing down or to begin the process of weeding out.

    Void periods do not necessarily deny results but results can be more challenging to achieve during void Moon periods, so it may be best to avoid starting new projects during a void Moon. The Moon phase is another important consideration for the timing of events. Results may or may not transpire, but if they do, it can be difficult getting there.

    The period from July 21, , at PM [when the Moon forms its last major aspect before leaving the sign of Leo], to July 22, , at PM [when the Moon enters a new sign, in this case, Virgo] would be considered a void-of-course period that is not ideal for new initiatives. Back to Timing with the Astrological Moon Page.

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