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We consult expert astrologers like the Astrotwins , we pore over our birth charts , and we do our research. That said, we're also suckers for astrology jokes — and by "jokes" we mean memes. And by "memes" we mean brutally honest Instagram posts that we must send to our Gemini friends. Just like anything else with a loyal following , memes are part of being a true fanatic.

These jokes can bring the astrology community together see: anything about Mercury retrograde.

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But some of these memes, as amusing as they are, require way more than a basic knowledge of astrology to follow see: this scathing joke about stelliums. For our purposes, we're sticking to the basics. If you read your horoscope at all, you're going to crack up at these memes.

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And besides, after this last Mercury retrograde , we could all use a laugh. The cancer one, because Cancer are so intuitive they really expect other people to be the same, but not everyone is a mind reader. By existentialgoddexx Aries Taurus cancer gemini leo virgo libra scorpio sagittarius capricorn aquarius pisces astrology zodiac horoscope memes relationship zodiacfacts zodiacsigns zodiacposts astrologymeme.

A post shared by Astrology Memes? Turn up astrology horoscope sunsign sun moon moonsign aries taurus gemini cancer leo virgo libra scorpio sagittarius capricorn aquarius pisces dailyhoroscope instastrology astrologyfacts astrologymemes astrologyreadings retrograde space memes astrology zodiac. A post shared by? The other one is a Pisces. A post shared by??? A crab roast, if you will. Cancer astrologymemes. Snuggle on up: water signs edition??? But there are people who educate and come at it with a frame of kindness and teaching. It was. I know myself.

And that is very tricky water to navigate. You should know this. I used to cry about it a lot. What zodiac signs do you think are most interested in astrology? The app Co-Star released their data on who has their app, which is pretty indicative.

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I think the number 1 was Gemini. The ones that I have found to be particularly interested are Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, and all for different reasons. I see a lot of Cancers. I see a lot of Libras. And I see a lot of Scorpios. Those are the top 6. We all just want to see ourselves. Do you have a favorite sign and a least favorite sign? My favorite sign is Gemini, but duh.

Libra, because I get along with them best.

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Virgos, because I respect them the most. Do you have a favorite celebrity Gemini, and if yes, why are they your favorite? OK, this kills me. I was so excited about my birthday before Kanye ruined everything. Kanye and I have really similar charts. Then he went and fucked everything up.

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What would you say the most misunderstood thing about astrology is? That is the worst assumption ever. When you get your full chart, you find out so much detail.


Who cares? Maybe you relate with other planets in your chart. Art, therapy, comedy, all of the above? I think it changes every day. I think I am distinctly not an artist. I think of art as this higher purpose, a very serious thing. I make dick jokes all day.

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  4. I consider it comedy. Although I am also emotional that Pisces moon, man. I have sad days, where I will post serious, sentimental things, or post compliments. Sometimes people tell me I make them cry. I think it is.

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    I started my account in February.