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You'll find this to be especially true of anything involving music, beauty, creativity, and the arts. Redirect your energy toward something more promising.

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Capricorn Man

OCT 9, - Read full overview. The World card signifies a long journey coming to an end. If you've recently accomplished a lifelong goal such as purchasing a house, that's why this card appears. Take a Yesterday Today Tomorrow Weekly Monthly Weekly Monthly Today's Star Ratings Your general mood. However, the real challenge is hanging on to him once you have him. The following tips will show you how to keep your Capricorn man happy and invested in your relationship.

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A Capricorn man feels happiest when he is in a committed relationship. He always looks towards the future and hopes to have a family one day. So, anyone who wants to keep a Capricorn man in his or her life should be aware that he is looking at their relationship for the long haul. Loyalty like that of a Capricorn is hard to come by.

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He also does not like to have his boundaries tested. He is most comfortable in an environment where his partner is someone he can share his life with - not just his body.

How to attract a Capricorn man in 5 steps:

He is looking for someone who is serious about the future. Although a Capricorn man may have a somewhat rough exterior and find it difficult to share his emotions, he is still rather insecure on the inside.

Cancer & Capricorn: Love Compatibility

His strong ego needs to be constantly stroked in order for him to feel as strong as he wants to be. This man is looking for someone to take care of him and for someone who will let him take care of her in return.

His insecurity is one of the biggest secrets that a Capricorn man has. He may want to portray a strong image to others, but in a relationship he is just looking for someone who will be there for him. Capricorn's dream relationship is one that allows him to be in a balanced partnership with someone just as strong as he is.

The Perfect Match for a Capricorn Man - (For Marriage & Potential Mates)

As much as a Capricorn man loves being with someone, he still needs time to himself. This man is notorious for pushing his partner away; it rarely has anything to do with the other person in the relationship, but rather with Capricorn's desire to reflect. In relationships he will often pull back so he can evaluate how he feels and where he sees the relationship going. He also has a difficult time opening up to others and will withdraw so that he can feel like he is the strongest person in the relationship.